As a pioneer, DETROP carries out and includes innovative parallel events throughout its duration, with the primary focus being on extroversion. By actively involving HOSTED BUYERS in the “game”, by including exhibitors and their products in taste tests and by joining them with the products of other exhibitors, DETROP is becoming an innovative and interactive promotional vehicle. Through the gastronomic creations presented at Pop Up Restaurants and the Corner Show Room 'It’s All New to Me!', the most innovative products enjoy the spotlight and receive awards.

These pop-up thematic restaurants can host over 1,000 hosted buyers and professional visitors, under the supervision of experienced chefs.

An original showcase that hosts and awards new products, introduced in the market in the last 2 years and are ready or in process for export.
Q: How can I join the Corner Showroom?
A: Your product can participate in our Corner Showroom if it has been released in the market from January 2015 until today. The Corner Showroom applies only to Exhibitors and Sponsors in DETROP & OENOS 2017.
Q: In which category does my product belong to?
A: Please check the 14 categories presented in the Microsite. Go to “Corner Showroom” / “Product Submission” and find the field named “Product Categories”. Scroll down and find the right one for your product. If you are still having trouble with your product category, you can always contact Places & Flavors and we will happily assist you.
Q: How many product categories are there and what are they?
A: There are 14 product categories and these are:
  1. Raw materials of food
  2. Fishery products - salted products - seafood
  3. Pastries
  4. Organic products – nuts - sweets
  5. Dairy & cheese products
  6. Sweet preserves – jams - honey
  7. Olive oil – olives – olive products
  8. Prepared meals - dishes
  9. Meat – meat derivatives - cold meats
  10. Frozen Food & vegetables
  11. Coffee – beverages - soft drinks – waters - juices
  12. Wine - drinks - extracts
  13. Traditional foods
  14. Cereals – pasta - legumes
Q: What is the voting procedure?
A: The Hosted Buyers will be able to see all the products that are presented in the Corner Showroom in the Microsite.
They will have two days during the Exhibition to see them on the especially designed space and also taste them in our Pop Up Restaurant. They will then e-vote on Best Packaging/Design and Innovation.
Q: When will the results be announced?
A: The results will be announced on Sunday the 5th. An Award Ceremony will follow at 18:00.
Renowned olive and olive oil tasters from around the world will speak in the specially designed tasting room for the needs of the sector and will analyze its secrets.
At a well-equipped bar surrounded by companies of the sector, international and other visitors will have the opportunity to become acquainted with ouzo and tsipouro, the unique Greek distillates, through dozens of combinations, from their pairing with the corresponding meze (appetizer) to their inclusion in recipes of delicious dishes and pioneering cocktails.
Pairing is a matter of harmony and contrast. In this case, the specially modified bar will host the suitable pairing of wine and cheese, curated by 'specialist' knowledge, creating a sensation of gastronomic delight for the palates of attending professionals.
Seminars & Interactive Discussions, with the participation of specialised speakers from throughout the country and abroad.