The domestic and international 'pulse' of the food and beverage industry will be recorded at the Detrop-Oenos exhibition 'duo', to be organised by TIF Helexpo at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 3 to 6 March 2017.

Two Major Thematic Salons, with top representatives of the Greek food-beverage industry, will be at the focus of the two events.
  • The first salon will focus on Olive Oil and Olives, the treasures of the Greek land and the Mediterranean diet,
  • while the second will focus on Distillates and the 'stars' of Greece: ouzo and tsipouro.
Hosted in an independent space and with upgraded exhibition structures that highlight wine producer labels, the OENOS exhibition attracts the interest of trade visitors in a highly refined environment.
Naturally, all exhibitors enjoyed the following free of charge...
  • Provision of glasses and ice
  • Continuous supply of clean glasses throughout the duration of the exhibition
  • Participation of labels in the wine bar
  • Β2B meetings with importers

Special Edition - Private Label Products

Detrop is the first exhibition in Greece for the food & beverage sector. With serious, responsible steps, without inflated statistical results and grandstanding, and with the credibility that only TIF-HELEXPO SA, the national exhibition agency, can provide, Detrop is the only exhibition that has persisted and remained present in the Greek market since 1976.


An international atmosphere
Both exhibitions were characterised by an intensely international 'atmosphere', with the number of hosted buyers increasing by 40%. Apart from the 250 hosted professionals who came from over 30 countries, there were also independent visitors who enriched the international 'menu'. In total, over 3,000 registered meetings took place between international and Greek enterprises. 91% of Hosted Buyers (international professionals invited to attend) expressed their absolute satisfaction and their intention to participate in the next event.
In 2017, there will be over 300 hosted buyers, coming from Belgium, Canada, Dubai, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the USA and, of course, all the Balkan countries, with over 5,500 pre-arranged meetings.
Apart from business meetings to be held at exhibitors' stands, visitors will tour the exhibition area in order to come into direct contact and become acquainted with other exhibitors and products that stir their interest.