Detrop-Oenos back in full force from 2 to 4 March 2019

Detrop and Oenos will be back in full force from 2 to 4 March 2019 at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, confirming their role as one of the largest events in the food & beverage industry.

Following the successful Detrop Boutique and Artozyma held in February 2018 and after a two-year hiatus, the two exhibitions are expected to attract the interest of domestic and international exhibitors and visitors. With a rich schedule of side events, innovative actions and novel proposals, the exhibition ‘duo’ will once again serve as a point of reference for the food & beverage sector.

This dynamic industry, which plays a leading role in the Greek economy thanks to its intense extroversion, will be launched to the limelight by the two exhibitions. Products from all over Greece, local produce, goods with high added value, dishes linked to the way of life, customs and culture of each region, innovative foodstuffs, wines and distillates with high expectations will be present at the 2019 event.

During the 2017 event, the ‘pulse’ of the Greek food & beverage industry was beating loudly, with the two exhibitions achieving an overall 15% increase in the number of domestic and international trade visitors, as compared to the 2015 event.

The prevailing characteristic of the two exhibitions was the considerable attendance by international hosted buyers, who numbered over 300 and attended approximately 5,500 targeted B2B “meetings” with exhibitors.

The dynamism and extroversion of Detrop-Oenos were reflected in the numerous side events, as well as the two major thematic exhibitions starring olive oil and distillates.

The innovative actions of Detrop included Pop-Up Restaurants, a Corner Showroom titled ‘It’s all new to me’, the first Patsas Festival and the 10th International Culinary Competition of South-Eastern Europe.